Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Fun

This is ridiculous sometimes what simple things will entertain your toddler to no end! :) I found two caps (I think they are both from different fabric softeners) in my save-for-Kitten-may-be-we-will-come-up-with-something-do-with-it-later drawer (don't laugh, everybody needs one!), which fit into one another perfectly.
 And we discovered that if you pull them apart suddenly...
They will make a popping sound! What fun! She loved doing it :)


  1. Aah so cute! Good job with getting your child have imagination! (By the way, "save-it-for-later-maybe-I-will-use-it-some-day-drawer... yeah... I have it...a few actually... I keep trying to get rid of all of them) :P
    I wish you put up the pics with her face showing!

  2. Sorry, I was trying to catch a moment, didn't have time to worry about getting all of her in the picture, I guess :)
    By the way, this activity is not purely entertaining, she needs to fit lids into each other, push them together and then use force to pull them apart, which is good for fine and large motor development! (Oh God, I am becoming one of those Moms :) )

  3. You ARE one of those Moms... lol :P