Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chalk games

To help Kitten learn balancing I came up with this game: I drew a river and a line bridge across it, added fish and a crocodile. You need to cross the river and not get eaten by the crocodile. Kitten really enjoyed being eaten and she did not really understand why she needs to walk the line, although when I led her she was very proud to reach the other side. I guess she is still somewhat young for balancing, but we will definitely be repeating this game.

Another game I did not invent, it's a popular Russian game, called "An owl" (I am sure Americans have something similar). You draw circles for houses and little mice can run around during daytime but need to hide when night falls and an owl starts hunting. Kitten did understand that she needs to run to the house when I say "Night!", although she probably was wondering what that was about :)

1 comment:

  1. An owl?? I don't remember such game, although it sounds really fun, I want to play it now! :) Poor Kitten, obediently running to the house, wondering why it's necessary :)))