Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mushroom Children

Imagine walking through the forest, it's early fall, air is fresh and grass is still green. And then suddenly you see a couple of bright beautiful mushrooms.

Don't kick them just because you think they are poisonous :) Be quiet, look closer, and, if you are lucky, may be you'll see a little somebody peeking out checking if you are gone.

Created for our fall nature table from the book "The Nature Corner" by M. van Leeuwen and J. Moeskops (an excellent book, very inspirational and with good directions). Made from felt, they can stand on their own due to the cardboard circle inserted in the bottom and gravel in the stalk. There were no directions for making the face, and there was no picture, just a mentioning of the possibility and the drawing, but I like how it came out, although it could have been smaller. The big mushroom is about 3 inches high.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


OK, I better just write something quick and be over with the whole "the first post" thing or I will never get started :)) 
My name is Julie. Welcome to my blog! I am not much of a writer but I want to share my and my daughter's adventures in trying to lead a crafty, educational in a fun way, Waldorf inspired life. What I plan on posting about is mostly my crafting, hopefully some tutorials, and also what we do with my girl (I will be referring to her as Kitten for privacy reasons) for fun and development. She is only 17 months at the moment, so grow with us!