Sunday, January 16, 2011

Water play

I got these cute tiny plastic shot glasses from our grocery store and Kitten LOVES them. We sort them by color, scoop with them, stack them and today we incorporated some water play with them. Originally I planned to transfer water from one glass to another with a pipette but I guess Kitten is too young to perform such complicated manipulations. She was good at squeezing the bulb but was doing it so hard that she could not place it in water at the same time.
Eventually she succeeded but could not understand that she needs to release it and take it out of water. She quickly grew tired of it and moved on to a much more exciting task, that occupied her for a while - pouring water from one cup to another.
She was surprisingly good at it and most water got into the cup. Of course some was spilled, so I showed her how to wipe it with a sponge and squeeze it into the dish to dry the pan. She enjoyed it but obviously did not understand the purpose as she was just squeezing water back into the pan :) Oh well!

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