Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Sensory Box

It looks a bit like a Christmas box because I bought a lot of stuff on 90% sale in Joann's. But it is our first one and I will switch it before Valentine's day anyway. Kitten and I liked the "ice" best, she spent a long time looking for all of them in rice, which is so great for fine motor. It just feels so nice to run a hand through rice and feel smooth round glass balls. We also sorted snowmen (there are 4 pairs, they used to be tree ornaments but I cut loops off). I wasn't going to introduce this to her yet because I thought it would be too much for now but she herself found a pair and showed me.


  1. So much fun for Kitten!! :)) I can just feel the wonderful childhood crafted in front of my eyes! She will have so many great memories and associations!

  2. I also want to spend hours sensing and searching for wonderful unexpected things, but probably I will need a larger container! Could you provide?

  3. Sure, Mom, my bathtub is always open for you! :) But we will need a lot of rice!