Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pasta stringing

For this activity you need a bowl of uncooked Rigatoni pasta (you can dye them but I didn't have time yet), a shoe lace and a cord stop.
Put a cord stop on one end of a shoe lace and you are ready to string! For some reason Kitten likes to put the end through but immediately pulls it out and starts on a new one and she did not like it when I encouraged her to pull shoe lace all the way through :)
This was the end of stringing but she enjoyed feeding her dolls some pasta!


  1. Ha-ha, is that her face when you tried to make her string on two pieces? :D She is probably still in Yee-Ore stage.... comes in - comes out, right? ;))


  2. Hahaha, love her face!! :)) I found that kids in general don't like to pull the beads all the way to the end of the string, they all prefer to put them on and then immediately take them off. I have no idea why. Maybe it's more interesting like that. Very frustrating when you are trying to test them, and their score depends on how many beads they LEAVE on the string!


  3. Well, that's certainly a comfort!