Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doll bedding

I completely forgot until now that I intended to continue showing Kitten's handmade New Year presents. My wonderful family gave her a wooden doll bed (and a doll highchair to match) but it did not come with any bedding. I was not paying $40 for a doll quilt, so I drafted patterns for a mattress, pillow and a simple quilt. They are made from leftover fabric from Kitten's crib quilt, which makes it just a little more meaningful, if I say so myself :) The lucky doll's name is Fedora (with an emphasis on "o", a traditional Russian female name), she was made by my Mom 13 years ago, but I will tell her story in another post.
Kitten quite enjoys putting her babies to bed or to sit and rock in it herself :) Of course, she is not quite at the stage of imaginative playing but she likes to copy me by doing same things with her dolls.

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  1. She is SOOOO cute!!! She seems to be so careful with her dolls, it's adorable! I'd say she has pretty good imagination though. Grandpa Frost is a great example :)