Saturday, January 22, 2011

Season Tree

This is one way you can have a bit of a season reminder in your home if you don't have space for a whole nature table. I drew a tree outline on a cardboard (my picture is sized approximately 12 x 16 inches) and covered it with brown wool rowing (wetting it helps to make it stay where you put it), then covered the whole thing with blue and white rowing. I wet felted it and needle felted bits that didn't want to bond :)
After that it you just decorate it with rowing according to the season and you can change it as the year goes by. This is our winter tree.

And this is how it was in fall.

I will keep you posted on the spring and summer changes! To mount it I just pinned it to a cork board. You could cover the cork board with silk but I didn't have any to spare.
If you need more detailed instructions, you can find them in this great book: More Magic Wool: Creating Figures and Pictures With Dyed Wool


  1. This is such a beautiful idea! I love the idea of creating the seasons in layers - just as nature does.

  2. You are so creative! Even if I saw this in the book, I would have never been able to replicate it so beautifully!

    Haha, I like how you say "if you don't have space for a whole nature table", just sort of assuming that everyone needs to have one, but if you are misfortunate enough to have little space, this alternative will do :)))

  3. Oxana, of course everybody needs one! How else would you know what season it is, especially where we live :)