Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making muffins

My Mom is allergic to gluten and lactose, so we decided to make her muffins that she can eat. Kitten really enjoyed helping me and was very content. She first was transferring flour from one bowl to another using a spoon,

then she was adding flour to the liquid that I was mixing, she barely spilled any, despite being only 20 months old.

Then she oiled muffin tins and helped me put berries in each tin. She was very good at moving on to the next tin once she put enough berries in, until she tasted a raspberry, after that she only wanted to eat them :)

I used a Berry Corn muffins recipe from "Flying Apron" cookbook and they came out pretty good, especially the second batch, after I added an egg. I will try to make baking a weekly activity now, I did not realize how much Kitten will enjoy it and how much she can participate even at this age.

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  1. Oh, muffins were delicious! Most enjoyable and energizing!