Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Fingerpainting

Well, not absolutely the first but the first PROPER one :) Before I just mixed some tempera paint with liquid starch and we painted in the bathtub but the consistency was too watery and we didn't enjoy it that much. This time I decided to go the easy route (although I am not giving up on mixing paints myself) and bought some from the store. By the way, I was amazed at the price difference: in Michaels these same paints are almost twice as expensive as in Target.
Kitten was SOOO excited to see the paints, she could barely wait for me to tape paper to the tray (which, by the way, is very helpful to prevent accidental painting on the table).
First she was very careful and only was willing to get one finger dirty.
But as soon as she realized that it was OK to get dirty and that's actually what it was all about she jumped right in.
Actually she enjoyed painting her hands the most. And next day when she asked to finger paint again, that's how she communicated her wish, by making smearing motions on her hands :)
That's the finished masterpiece:


  1. She looks so anticipating on the first picture! :)) Good job little niece! Oh and Julie, did you dress her in a T-shirt which goes perfect with her complection on purpose for the photos? ;)

  2. It's official! We have another artist in the family! :)) You should buy her a crosstitching kit next. She is sooooo cute! Miss you girls!!

  3. Lena, lol, I just grabbed whatever T-shirt her daddy said he did not need, I guess I am a natural ;)