Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New pants

Kitten is growing so fast, most pants that I bought for this winter season are already too short, so new pants were in order! I whipped these up in a couple of evenings using leftover jeans material (I had just enough for the pants, don't you just love it when it happens?) and a pattern from Making Children's Clothes: 25 Stylish Step-by-step Sewing Projects for 0-5 Years. Next time I will make them narrower and raise the waist at least 1 inch but overall I am really happy how they turned out. It is pretty hard to buy well-fitting pants for my tall skinny girl, so I see a lot of these in my future :) 


  1. AAWWW!! She is so cute! Why is she never smiling in your photos? She evokes the need to protect her ;))))
    The pants are really good! Are you going to experiment next and put ruffles on the bottom or something? ;)
    And yes, Julie, when I have just enough material left over from my skirt to make a handkerchief, I go out and party :P :P :))

  2. Well, having your picture taken is a serious business, you need to concentrate. Really, when she notices that I am taking her picture she either starts running towards me laughing or freezes and stares :)
    I don't really like ruffles on pants, but on the capris I most definitely will, actually it is my next project. For the pants I was thinking more towards ribbons and embroidery.