Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting for the first time

I was cleaning my shower with cotton swabs and bleach and Kitten was SO interested and excited that I let her help me and paint the shower door but quickly decided that bleach is probably not the best artistic media and switched her to painting with diluted tempera paint.
Of course she immediately wanted to know if it is OK to pour all the paint onto paper (notice that she did not just dump it herself but asked me, what a good girl!) and of course I let her, so that's what she did.

Then she needed more paint, so she tried to pour it directly from the bottle but the paint is kind of thick, so she was unsuccessful.
What's a girl to do? She started dipping cotton swabs into the narrow hole in the bottle, developing that fine motor control all by herself!
I am a strong believer in letting children explore their world without much instructions from adults other than initial demonstration, I do not make her follow my directions and encourage her to touch, taste, smell and manipulate anything that is not dangerous for her. She usually comes up with lots of interesting variations on a theme that I have not even think about and most importantly she is much more willing to do something if it was her own idea.

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