Saturday, February 26, 2011

eeBoo Nature memory game review

My friends often ask me about toys and games I buy for Kitten, so I decided to throw in a review once in a while. These reviews are not sponsored by anybody, they are just for things that we own and love so that somebody may enjoy them as well. So, today's review is for a memory game by eeBoo. I love that company, we have quite a few games by them and they are all of exceptional quality.
Of course Kitten, being 22 months old is a bit too young for a memory game, so we just find matches. There are 10 pairs in the game and I thought it would be too much to do them all at once. But Kitten had no problem with it whatsoever and found all matches 3 times in a row. She really loved it.

 The pieces are big and colorful and are very sturdy.

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