Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fedora the Waldorf Doll

I promised to show the gorgeous Waldorf doll that my Mom made and here she is! Her name is Fedora (with an emphasis on "o", a traditional Russian name). Mom made her almost 15 years ago when we lived in Germany and my sisters attended a Waldorf school. For one of the school markets all willing mothers made Waldorf dolls for sale. They gathered in school after  classes were finished and were taught proper techniques as well as provided with traditional materials, such as sheep wool for stuffing and cotton knit fabric for skin. They were free to create any clothing for the dolls. The doll came out so characteristic of Mom's personality! Mom got so attached to her in the process of making, that she could not even imagine to part with her. So the doll was named Fedora and Mom bought her herself. She still took her to the market and Fedora sat on the shelf. Everybody who walked by wanted to buy this doll and this only :) When my daughter was born I asked Mom to make us another Waldorf doll but she said she could not remember how and offered to give us Fedora instead as all her daughters are now grown and nobody plays with her. I totally agree that all Waldorf dolls deserve to be loved and played with, so she is with us now and Kitten adores her.
My Mom gave me a wonderful book Making Waldorf Dolls, which I use to make my little Waldorf dolls (like these snow children) and some clothes for Fedora:
Fall outfit
Summer outfit (sorry, the colors on this picture are not very real)
I am planning to make a friend for Fedora for Kitten's 2nd birthday, so stay tuned if you are interested :)


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. What a lovely Waldorf doll. I look forward to reading about your many adventures with your daughter. :)

  2. Thank you! Your blog is very inspiring and beautiful!