Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Week

Continuing with our colors. Kitten now knows her red and even attempts to say the word if prompted.
We painted and printed with a red block.
She loved handprinting.
Playing with red playdough. It was very popular and she even learned to say "dough" (in Russian, obviously, not in English). Here she is decorating herself. We also made animals, dishes and food for them (Kitten was the dietician, pinching pieces of playdough off and placing them in cups). The problem with that that I run into was her refusing to play herself and just wanting me to make stuff, which is obviously pointless as she is the one who needs to work on those little muscles. So I started prompting her to knead and shape and modeled it myself, instead of making recognizable objects. Her interest did greatly reduce after that but I think now that we moved onto yellow dough she is getting over her disappointment.
Drawing with red crayons. She is happy here because she just made an "O". Sometimes she names things herself and that is fine (as opposed to me exclaiming "Look, you drew an "O"!" and thus fixating her on this image)
Wet-on-wet watercoloring with red. More on it later this week.
Red hunt. She was not very enthusiastic this time but did find several red objects for me, passing her "test". Of corse I don't tell her that "now we are going to have a test", it is just a way for me to ensure myself that she has learned the color.
This week I did take a picture of a red snack: watermelon and red currant jelly sandwich. We also ate strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers, apples and I am sure something else but I cannot remember. There are so many other red foods!
Moving on to yellow!

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