Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Felt board

I finally took pictures to show the last one of Kitten's New Year's gifts. I know, right before her birthday gifts! 
It is a small (approximately 10x16 inches) felt board with different characters to show familiar stories or make our own. The felt board was made by stretching blue felt over a cork board and stapling the back. Then I covered the back with another piece and stitched around it, but you could just leave it like that. I am planning to make a larger one too when Kitten is ready to play with it on her own. 
The thing I am most proud of is that I drew everything myself and I am a pretty hopeless artist. Still, I think everyone came out quite recognizable.
Right now Kitten mostly listens to my stories and just moves characters around, she is obviously too young to come up with her own stuff.
This is a Russian story about a speckled hen that laid a golden egg. Grandma and Grandpa try to break it and fail but a mouse who runs by accidentally pushes it off the table and it breaks, after which they all cry and the hen promises to lay a normal white egg. I know, quite a story!
This is "Kolobok" (apparently it translates as roly-poly), a Russian equivalent of "Gingerbread Man".
And this is "The Mitten", only Russian story usually has a house. The roof is separate so that the Bear, who climbs on the roof, is able to break it. The roof and the house open for animals to hide there.


  1. I haven't seen the Mitten yet! Did you come up with the animals' shapes yourself? Very expressive! I especially like the tall rabbit ;)) Also the same confused expression on the wolf's and fox's faces remind me of Oxana and me in some of our earlier pictures :P

  2. Yes, I drew everything amazing myself :) That's funny about wolf and fox, I think you are right, they do look a bit like the two of you! :)))