Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter celebration

We had a very happy Easter at our house! My sister came for a 2-day visit and it was very nice for Kitten to get to know her better. On Saturday we finished dying blown eggs and dyed some real ones using onion skins and leaves to make prints (you just put a leaf on the egg, cover it with a piece of nylon stocking and tie it). I made Kulich (Russian Easter bread) and Paskha (pronounced pAs-ha, which is also a Russian name for Easter and is a farmer cheese dessert, made in a shape of a mountain). In the evening, after Kitten went to bed, my sister and I decorated the Easter tree with blown eggs and butterflies (it came out oh so pretty if I say so myself, I am a poor photographer but trust me, in real life it is much better) and transformed the Lenten garden with life.

On Good Friday I placed a caterpillar made of green playdough, wrapped in white fabric, in the grotto. And on the Easter morning it was gone and instead an unusually bright red butterfly was flying above the grotto. I made an egg candle using beeswax. Wheat grass sprouted, thankfully, right on time. The lambs are made of wool, but I will show them in a separate post as I am quite proud of them.

Kitten was very excited to find the transformed Nature table in the morning. She received her Easter gifts - an Ostheimer bunny that you can see next to the grotto above, little gnomes with sleeping beds complete with pillows, and rainbow ribbon rings (both these gifts were made using tutorials from WeeFolkArt).

My friend came over with her daughter, Kitten's best friend, and we had a lovely Easter breakfast and a play date. We were so occupied that I did not remember to take any pictures, oops! 

I hope that you all had an equally pleasant Easter!


  1. Wow, awesome celebration! Great ideas! And the matching gnomes are so cute, and the tree is very beautiful, I can't bealieve you made so many blown eggs, I remember you telling me how hard it was to blow out each! I am very glad that you girls had such a good time! :)) I wish I could see the pictures of your kulich and pascha, my yeast was bad, I think, so I got flatbread instead :D

  2. Thanks! Blowing eggs got much easier after I realized that I can make the holes bigger :) Oxana got to dye a couple as well! Sorry to hear about your Kulich, what kind of yeast did you use? I used a different recipe this year, which was much less complicated than the one I usually use (required much less rising and kneading) but was delicious nonetheless. After Kitten tried it I asked her if she likes it and she was like "Nope!", very determined :) She loves it now, of course. And she loved Paskha. And most of all she liked egg-fight.

  3. Oh how cute! See, that's how traditions get started :)) I used the fast rising or something yeast - Fleischmann's maybe? The yellow pack. I think I might have heated it too much though. But it's nicer to think that it wasn't my fault ;))