Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Child's play

I love looking at our playroom in the end of the day. It is like a glimpse into what Kitten did and had on her mind today. Little elves are sitting next to their color's stones (apparently Kitten recognizes all colors now), soon to return to their cozy home (the rainbow cave), deer are eating grass (I drew the green grass and she chose red for hers), pictures are drawn. Fun and learning happen each day.

P.S. And check out the completed table! Yes, it finally happened! We bought an unfinished hardwood table and chairs set and my husband finished it, making it a lovely warm color, perfect for a Waldorf playroom.


  1. Very beautiful table! And very beatiful Mom, creating beatiful experiences for her beautiful daughter :))

  2. That's soooo cute! I can just see Kitten casually arranging the rainbow elves next to their stones and turning away briefly to put the deer to eat the grass :) Children are adorable, with their interesting little minds. And I LOVE the rainbow cave!! Gave me the magic feeling again! :))

    ~ Oxana