Monday, April 4, 2011

The Black Week

This took us much longer than anticipated due to the spring break but we are finally done and are moving on to more exciting colors - red is next!
That's what we did to understand black better. Even though Kitten still cannot say the word "black", she definitely learned it and recognizes it from other colors.

Drawing with black pencil and crayon on black and white paper, learning contrast.

Painting and printing. Kitten loved printing with the block and smearing black paint around.
Body painting with a brush. Rest assured that it was not me who came up with this idea and it turned out to be a much messier activity than I anticipated (black paint took a couple of days to wash off completely). But I strongly believe in letting kids' initiative unfold naturally unless it is harmful for them or things around them.
Washing black clothes. Kitten LOVES helping me with whatever involves water.
Black hunt. This time Kitten totally got the idea and enjoyed it. I did have to narrow the area down but once I told her that I think there is black hiding on this shelf she would find it right away. She kept pointing to black objects even after we were finished!

We also tried to point out any encountered black things during this time and we ate raisins and blackberries (I am not a fan of black licorice or black beans but you can try those if you are more adventurous).


  1. Wow, she has an amazing intermediate grasp on that crayon and pencil (this grasp is expected from ages 28-32 months), and she is all the way up to a dynamic grasp with the brush, that's an age equivalence of 39-42 months old!! Way to go girls! Does she usually hold her brush like that, or did you just catch a rare moment? Does she hold her brush and pencil differently? Does she ever hold her pencil with such mature grasp? Very interesting :)

    ~ Oxana

  2. Wow, I never thought that much about how she holds her tools, so cannot answer your questions. I think that's how she holds stuff most of the time, except for spoon. Good to know that we are doing well, keep a close eye on our pictures, I will be posting more drawing pictures with the red week!

  3. GEEK! lol :P This post is so funny though, I was laughing while I was reading it. Way to go with the body painting! :)))) And I am glad I could be helpful with contrast ;))