Monday, March 28, 2011

On a break

I will be taking a blogging break this week as Kitten's grandparents and aunt (my youngest sister, who is only 10 years old herself, she is Kitten's BFF) are visiting us! Kitten is so excited! We went to San Antonio Zoo today and when we were leaving I asked whether she liked the zoo. She said "yes". I then asked who she liked the most and she said her aunt, such a silly girl!


  1. The two dorks! :)) Is Kitten smiling or indifeerent or upset in that picture? Can't really tell... And it almost looks as if the caterpillar is eating her :P

  2. I think she is smiling. And she is not a dork, it was not her idea, Mom is holding her, forcing to appear to be a dork :)

  3. you know she is going to follow sister in anything sister decides to do, thus forcing Kitten to be a dork ;)))