Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baptizing gown and bonnet

For Kitten's baptism last week I made her a gown and a bonnet because you cannot buy that stuff in 2T size. The gown was pretty easy - I used a Simplicity #5695 pattern. I would not use it for a regular dress without some major changes since as you can see it is kind of long and wide (ant it IS her size pattern, Simplicity patterns are so weird with their sizing), but it was just perfect for the look I needed to achieve.
The bonnet was more difficult, I could not find a nice pattern that I liked (not to mention free!). So what's a girl to do? I made my very first own pattern. I will be sharing a master class on it next week, so if you are interested, check back! It is nothing too complicated but it is exactly what I had in mind.
And, while I am on this topic, check out the cake I made for Kitten's celebration.


  1. Kukla nasha!!! And cake looks yummy. What kind? K.O.

  2. Chocolate-walnut biscuit and chocolate ganache kind of cream (chocolate-condensed milk-cream).

  3. Look at all the decorations on the cake! Now I see why you were worried about the time (had an image of me trying to do this, especially the hearts, lol. Red, sweaty, dropping things, five minutes before guests arrive). I know, you are now going to make big eyes and say that it only took you two seconds. :))))
    And the dress and bonnet are lovely! The dress was actually easy to put on, and did not have to worry about buttons, etc. If your next child is a girl too, consider baptizing even earlier, so the dress is even easier to put on ;))) I don't know... did you think the strings for the bonnet were a little slippery though? The bow was sliding at first.

  4. That's the most adorable picture of her EVER!! (the first one) The bunny is a final touch that just tears my heart! :) She looks so happy and innocent, all ready for her big day. May her angel always cover her with his wings from trouble and sorrow, guide her the right way in life and help her find peace and happiness at all times.
    Oh, and the bonnet looks like you bought it, for real, I am pretty sure I saw something exactly like this at a store once. Good job!

  5. Uh-oh, forgot to comment the cake! ;)) Looks yummy, but then again, I am sitting at work, all hungry and ready to go home! Ok, now tell me, how long did those hearts take to harden up? Did you have to make them way in advance? I always want to try decorating a cake with these, but I am always afraid it will be much harder than it looks. Did you just draw the shapes on paper and stick it in fridge/freezer until they harden up?

  6. Wow, so many comments and questions now! :)) Thank you! I'll try to answer everything.
    The hearts did not take long to make at all, I made them the night before, as well as the cake, so I just had to stick walnuts and hearts onto it before guests arrived. To make the hearts I melted chocolate on water bath and put it in a piping bag. I drew heart outlines on the baking paper (should have done it on the other side with a marker, probably, pencil totally got transferred to white chocolate), piped the hearts and filled them with lattice free-hand. I left them to harden at room temperature and then moved them to the fridge for the night. They were pretty fragile, as you can see I broke one of them. But it was much easier than I imagined.
    The ribbons are slippery but it was the best that I could find as far as pure white. You can use any type you want, Elena, when you make yours :P I should have made the bonnet deeper, but may be it is because I made it 3 months ago? :)