Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Joker

Let me introduce you to our new Joker doll. Before you wonder too much why in the world he does not have feet, let me assure you that this is how it was intended. He is a very cleverly made puppet (I can say that because it was not my idea).

I saw him in The Birthday Book and thought that Kitten would love that doll. I was right, she adores him. She is constantly asking me to make him walk, feeds him, kisses and hugs him and looks for him when we get home. He can even convince her to do things when I cannot by leading the way (although he does walk a bit slowly)! He can jump, dance, climb and fall, all accompanied by merry jingling.


  1. Wonderful Joker! He even looks a bit like you in adolescence :P :P :))))

  2. Now, now… No need to get offensive! I did not say anything about your forehead ;)