Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun with Animal upon Animal by Haba

I love love love games by Haba and this one is no exception. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your animals by stacking them and not letting the pyramid fall.
This one was done by me, of course, Kitten is just about to destroy it

It is actually amazingly fun for adults too, even my husband, who is more of a computer game guy, grudgingly admitted that there is something to it. Although it is marked for 4+ kids, my almost 2 year old is enjoying it a lot.
She cannot stack them very high but she can do one tier, which is nonetheless very good for muscle development in her hands. She likes the idea of animals riding on the back of the crocodile.
This game is also great for sorting, which she came up with herself, there are 7 types of animals, 4 of each. And, as we discovered, if you put an animal on the crocodile's nose and hit his tail, it serves as a great catapult and an endless source of entertainment for little ones!


  1. Yeah, it was a fun game :) Seems unfair that she is getting so much practice with it already and will win every time when we play with her a few years later ;))) And... are the chairs and table finally here?? :)

  2. Why do you think we are playing on the chair? The table is still in the box, will probably take another 2 months :)

  3. Well the chair looks wonderful :) Only one so far?

  4. You finally got Kitten her own little table and chairs?? Why haven't I heard about it, it is such a big deal, considering how long it took! The chairs look lovely. The game looks like a lot of fun too. Can I play when I come over? :) My kiddos that I work with also love the catapult, we usually make a rubber ducky fly by placing him on the handle of the spoon and hitting the round tip of the spoon itself. I wonder if crocodile and spoon will make the same object fly at a different distance :) You should test it out sometime.

  5. The table is not ready yet - we bought unfinished wooden set and DH is staining and finishing it. Comes out beautiful but takes forever. Of course you will obligatory play this game with me! Not only that but also Settlers of Catan. And don't even mention comparisons - I feel tired already :)