Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buckwheat Fun

An easy recipe for a long independent play - tray, child, buckwheat, cups, measuring spoons, funnel, whatever else you happen to have on hand. Enjoy!


  1. Seems like she spilled a little, are there ever accidents where everything goes on the floor?

    I love the title buckwheat fun, especially with knives in the background ;))) Like a samurai, Kitten can break a buckwheat in the air :P

  2. Of course she spilled a lot, that's why the tray is handy, it contains most of the spills. Some of buckwheat invariably ends up on the floor (it is very painful to step on barefoot, ask me how I know) but not much and most of it can be swept quickly.
    What a scary picture you drew, thankfully Kitten never touches the knives :) And of course, 95% of the time I am right next to her.