Monday, May 30, 2011

Window Stars

The window of our playroom is decorated with these stars now and I love it, the picture does not come even close to how it looks with the sunshine coming through. They are bright and shiny and Kitten says "Good morning" to them each day and wants to touch every one after that. And, considering that they've been up there for a couple of months already, I think it is telling something.
They are made out of German kite paper. May be later I will make a tutorial but for now I just wanted a taste of making them. Here they are up close:


  1. They are lovely, I have a star in my kitchen ( you can see it in my latest posting) it is a joy on cooler days, it lets the sunshine and rainbows in, its been up for a year, and getting faded. cheers Marie

  2. Thank you! I noticed the star when you posted that picture, may be you should show it up close? I am sure it is wonderful as everything you make.