Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother Duck

Continuing my needle felting explorations. This duck is about 2.5 inches long. I really like needle felting because I can do it while playing with Kitten, it doesn't take too much concentration (other than trying not to poke my finger), not many materials and tools are involved and satisfaction is quick. Kitten loves touching wool and watching objects magically appear in my hands and playing with them right away.


  1. Wow, you are quickly becoming the most awesome Mom ever :)) Getting to play with a toy RIGHT after it was made? You are like a Santa Claus elf :P And the Duck looks awesome. Do you just experiment every time (like with the mushrooms) or do you have a guide to making them?

  2. With the duck it was a pure experiment, it is like sculpting only slower, so you can really see what you are doing and stop before it is too late. For other things (will show them all gradually) I use my books. Usually I change things though, only rarely I just follow directions. You can try it when you visit ;)