Thursday, May 19, 2011

More cleaning fun

I finally got Kitten her own broom. She kept asking to use mine but it was obviously too big for her to maneuver. A lot of natural toy stores sell them but I was not willing to pay 25 bucks for it. And finally I found one on Amazon for $11. It is well made, all corn fiber bristles. It is still a bit long for my tall 2 year old but she enjoys swiping with it nonetheless, especially when I sing a song about a broom.
And I finally figured out how to make swiping practice a little less messy! If you try to give a dustpan and brush to a toddler and ask to clean up spilled rice, flour, etc., you are going to end up with a huge mess all over the kitchen floor. But when Kitten threw a bunch of river rocks in the kitchen, I immediately knew that it would be perfect and it was! There are not too many of them, they are easily visible and less likely to fly across the room like lighter objects. Kitten still needs to figure out how to make the stone to move into the dustpan but we will get there.


  1. Какая труженица! Вот умничка.

  2. Hold on, is this what you make people do at your house? Are we gonna have to have this same fun when we are there? O_o

  3. Elena, of course, I know that you don't get to have that kind of fun when you are in school ;)
    Flamingo, стараюсь приучить к труду по дому пока возраст подходящий :)

  4. What a wise young lady my d-in-l is!!!!! Proud. K.O.