Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our early fall nature table

Thought I'd share how our nature table looks at the moment. I haven't made anything new this year but I did not show it last fall, so here it is. The felt leaves, pumpkin and gnomes are from Wee Folk Art free tutorials (if you don't know it, I highly recommend this site!) and the Harvest Goddess (or however you like to call her) is from the book "More Magic Wool". She has seen her share of child play, that's why she looks a little battered. Oh, and there you can see my only felted acorn, it is bright blue (I plan to make several more of different color and make up a story about magic acorns, that all represent diferent strengths of character but Kitten is still too young for such stories, so it is just an idea so far).


  1. Gorgeous table. You always know how to set the mood. I wish I had the energy to set season appropriate items in my house and change them out 4 times a year :))

  2. I am learning, it is going to be easier this year with some things already made last year. But my Winter and Summer tables were pretty bare and I never changed the tree for summer :( It does take some effort.