Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Embroidery for toddlers

Kitten always asks to sew (usually she takes an accessory box from my sewing machine and plays with tools and doll clothes pretending to sew them) and I thought she might enjoy some real sewing. I stretched some burlap on a small embroidery hoop, threaded a big blunt yarn needle with a piece of yarn and tied a big knot on the end.
Surprisingly she understood the concept pretty well and enjoyed it. Here is what she made.
Apparently she thought she was sewing a hat :)


  1. WOW!! On that last picture she looks SO much like her daddy! Literally a little copy. I guess I never really saw it when people said she looks like him, but now I definitely do! Good job Kitten on your first cross! She understood the most basic concept of cross-stitching, we can work out details later. Yay, Julie, she'll join our club soon! :))

  2. Yeah, I've been noticing it too lately. And I hope she will not have a choice but become crafty :)

  3. And you think it's too early to knit?? :) Good job, Kitten!