Monday, October 17, 2011

New drawing milestone

I was very excited a couple of weeks ago when Kitten suddenly started drawing arms and legs for her people, so I thought I'd share a couple of her drawings:
 That's Marfa, our Waldorf doll, with a small Cheburashka under her (I guess he is sitting in her lap)
The whole gang - Marfa on the left, big Cheburashka in the center and small Cheburashka under the big one (we have two brown ones now) - I don't know why but she is always drawing the three of them


  1. Hurray, you can even tell the different shapes apart and everything! And she is using different colors for different parts of the body, that's a milestone too, right? Thank goodness for Internet so that I can see how my niece is growing :))

  2. Yes, you can tell mouth, eyes, etc. She likes to draw all the details. I don't know about different colors, if that's saying something, but she loves orange.

  3. I am sure it says something, but I don't know what :)) I studied all the stages of children's drawing in undergrad, but unfortunately don't remember much except that this is considered writing by child linguists and is a pretty advanced stage. Yay! Go Kitten!! I love how much she loves her Marfa and Cheburashkas, but what about her imaginary friend? Does she ever draw him? (By the way, don't watch Paranormal Activity 3, since your child has an imaginary friend ;) )

  4. She used to draw Christopher Robin, Pooh and Piglet a few months ago but not anymore, I don't know why. I never suggest drawing anything particular, she always chooses herself. And I never watch horror movies anyway, and you shouldn't either!