Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sorry for disappearing but we suddenly decided to go visit both sets of grandparents for a total of 4 weeks! So the past week of packing, cleaning, driving for 14 hours and arriving was pretty hectic. Kitten was sooo excited by the whole craziness of it all, she even packed her things as well! And yes, it took my husband a while to put everything back where it belonged (I think she even added more stuff after I took this picture). He inquired why I let her do it and my reply was "But it kept her occupied for at least an hour!" Seriously, she was dragging all her toys to where I was piling things, rearranging them, putting them in plastic bags and on and on. I just could not put a stop to it, it was so helpful to my packing!

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  1. Just read this one. Hahahaha, this is so cute! :)) And your husband couldn't really complain, huh, because otherwise he would have had to occupy her for an hour ;)